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I've been collecting Hard Rock CAFE pins since late 1991. Since 1990 I had been in Mexico for two years and a half learning Spanish. One day, one of my Mexican friends gave me a pin which was "London F. C. Parry old logo". I was really interested in it. Later, I found a guy wearing a cap with a plain logo from Hard Rock CAFE Acapulco at McDonald's in Guadalajara. I couldn't stop asking him if he could sell it to me and he gave me an offer of exchanging other country's plain logo for it. Then I exchanged a plain logo from Hard Rock CAFE Tokyo for the one I wanted. That was my first experience trading pins. Today I have over 5000 different, totally 6000 Hard Rock CAFE pins in my collection. Although I collect all kind of Hard Rock CAFE pins, I'm especially interested in plain logos.

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